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2004-09-08, 7:34 p.m.

In honour of my two year anniversary of actually updating this thing, I present to you, the links page! Yay! Isn't that amazing? It only took me two years to sit down, fiddle with some HTML and actually send you to other places.

Wait! Don't go to these places! I changed my mind! Come back! Read MY site! Not theirs! They suck!

Oh, who am I kidding? These people are WAY funnier than me.

I hang my hat at:

Fametracker is a bastion of funny, witty people saying pointed things about celebrities that need to be said. If only celebrities would listen.

TWoP The recaps are dandy, the forums devine. Just kidding about the forums. I find they can get a little out of hand. Don't go here unless you have HOURS to kill. I am not kidding about the hours. And remember the motto: Spare the Snark, Spoil the Networks.

The Straight Dope answers all your questions about anything. Ever. Yep. All of them.

What's the greatest gossip site on the net currently being sued by Fred Durst? That's riiiiight! It's Gawker!

And the other one? The one not being sued by some douchefuck who made a porno? That would be Defamer.

I read the following diaries religiously:

Invinciblegirl! What more do I need to say, people? My equal in swearing and my better in essays.

Ultra Tart. It's got bite.

The Lounge It's like your life only taller.

Weetabix makes me laugh and occasionally cry.

Uncle Bob makes me laugh and occasionally wet myself.

The Media Gadfly is truly, truly outrageous. Please do read her "The Passion of Ben Affleck" for how to properly snark on a celebrity.

The fine people at Livejournal are only a liiiitle bit more comment obsessed than I am. But they have been there for me in pinches, scrapes, and terrorist attacks, if, by terrorists, you mean people I work with and can't stand. So I guess I owe them a shout out because they've saved me from quitting and going to work in a calcutta whorehouse where it's more pleasant than where I work several times over. Also, that one secret cabal we have where we make fun of people who are making fun of people. So meta it hurts.

Go Fug Yourself makes fun of those celebrities who mistakenly think they can wear whatever the hell they want and get away with it simply because they are "famous." Looking in YOUR direction Courtney Love/Hillary Duff/Chloe Sevigny.

Defamer is the gossip rag to beat all gossip rags. Oh, so you don't live in LA? So? Read it and pretend you do.

I have, on occasion, read stories and headlines that have me laughing almost three or four years later at The Onion. You can't beat it with a dead cat.

And that's that. Can you believe I've been fucking shit up over here for two years? I can't. Now, if only I could get people reading this thing again. I swear I'm gonna update it more often! I swear! I fucking swear! See?

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